USA Launch

Royalty Trailblazing at TAM!
Queen Mother Dr. Mafor Edwan, is the official MC of TOGHU Army Movement Launch (TAM)
Queen Mother Dr. Mafor Edwan, a Senior Information Systems Security Engineer and College Professor is premier Event Host for the birthing of TAM come September 25, 2021! Mafor has a track record of protecting, preserving and promoting our native laws and customs, cultural values and traditions. Her signature high Toghu headgears illuminate and caress every room she steps into, narrating the awesomeness of homeland in baritone! TAM is lighting up the grand stage and rolling out the red carpet for all Royalty and Notables to join Mafor to continue to showcase and leverage Cameroon’s rich cultural diversity. “TAM, even in its infancy is bringing us back together. TAM is soothing our broken, bleeding hearts, promoting collaboration and pushing for a more than ever urgent need for us to come together and embrace our shared responsibility of self-preservation. It is the onset of a change of narrative. We as a people are tenable, unbreakable and very loving. It is our fiduciary responsibility to create our own happiness even as we take great care of the world we are handing over to posterity. This is a stellar opportunity to embrace and celebrate who we are!” said Mafor Edwan.
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