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TAM Team Members

Toghu Army Movement

Beng Humphrey Fang

Director of communications TAM

Beng Humphrey Fang was born in the locality of Weh, Fungom Subdivision, Menchum Division of Cameroon’s Northwest Region on 15th June 1996. Raised by his parents: Mr Muh Ephraim Beng and Beng Esther Sangha, all famers by profession, he attended both primary and secondary school in his native Weh village, and obtained the General Certificates of Education (GCE); Ordinary and Advanced Levels, in Government High School (GHS) Weh. While in high school, Beng Humphrey took interest in journalism and started reporting for Tum-ke-wi (The Weh Messenger), a local monthly community news magazine. He was contacted to be reporting for the paper after he outstandingly headed the Journalism and Bilingualism (JOURBILING) Club of GHS Weh for four years.

toghu Aremy movement

Lingong Martha Mburli

Assistant communications director.

Martha is a teacher, a writer, an entrepreneur, a life coach, a certified Communicator and Public speaker from the Pan African Professional Skills Development Center.

She believes if you empower a woman you’ve empowered a nation, she works extremely hard towards building an empire. Martha is dynamic and flexible and as such can work successfully individually and as a team for excellent results.

She is a former trainer at GreenPoint Africa, a trainer at the SAPHI BRANDS for Entrepreneurship programme for kids, the Success Formula, and has also taken part in capacity building seminars like the Refined Woman, Turning Ideas into Ventures, Leaders Connect Africa, an international professional round table workshop on capacity building for coaches and mentors and many more.

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