toghu Aremy movement

Lingong Martha Mburli assistant communications director

Martha is a teacher, a writer, an entrepreneur, a life coach, a certified Communicator and Public speaker from the Pan African Professional Skills Development Center.

She believes if you empower a woman you’ve empowered a nation, she works extremely hard towards building an empire. Martha is dynamic and flexible and as such can work successfully individually and as a team for excellent results.

She is a former trainer at GreenPoint Africa, a trainer at the SAPHI BRANDS for Entrepreneurship programme for kids, the Success Formula, and has also taken part in capacity building seminars like the Refined Woman, Turning Ideas into Ventures, Leaders Connect Africa, an international professional round table workshop on capacity building for coaches and mentors and many more.

She is a graduate from the mother University in Cameroon, University of Yaounde 1, and presently on a postgraduate studies in the field of sociolinguistics department of English.

She is the Changing Flames student ambassador in Cameroon and a member of the Focus Africa Dream.

Martha is extremely passionate about her culture reason for being a member of the TOGHU Army Movement founded by Mabelle Boma and is committed and determined to see this dream come to fruition grow to greater heights. She is the founder of the AFRICAN Industrious Ladies, an organization based in Yaounde, Cameroon.

At African Industrious Ladies, We empower women and the girl child with knowledge on socio-economic and Entrepreneurship. Equipping them with full skills to journey through life without committing errors that can forever mar them. We give hope and reasons to bounce back especially to those who have lost it all in life.We act as their eye openers in instances where they can’t see beyond their nostrils. We mentor them and give them a redirection.

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