Toghu Army Movement

Beng Humphrey Fang  Director of communications TAM

Beng Humphrey Fang was born in the locality of Weh, Fungom Subdivision, Menchum Division of Cameroon’s Northwest Region on 15th June 1996. Raised by his parents: Mr Muh Ephraim Beng and Beng Esther Sangha, all famers by profession, he attended both primary and secondary school in his native Weh village, and obtained the General Certificates of Education (GCE); Ordinary and Advanced Levels, in Government High School (GHS) Weh. While in high school, Beng Humphrey took interest in journalism and started reporting for Tum-ke-wi (The Weh Messenger), a local monthly community news magazine. He was contacted to be reporting for the paper after he outstandingly headed the Journalism and Bilingualism (JOURBILING) Club of GHS Weh for four years.
After obtaining the Advanced Level certificate, he furthered studies in social sciences, and enrolled in to the Department of English Modern Letters University of Yaounde 1. In 2019, he obtained the Bachelor’s Degree with specialisation in English Language after which he continued a master’s program in Sociolinguistics, with a special concern on journalistic discourse in conflict situations. While pursuing undergraduate studies, Beng Humphrey Fang served as a freelancer for Cameroon’s bi-weekly English newspaper, The Post. By recommendation from The Post’s bureau chief for Yaounde, Humphrey was appointed to the office of Bureau Chief of The Rambler newspaper, for the Centre, East and South Regions in Cameroon.
After The Rambler suspended publishing, he was welcomed at The Voice newspaper, a bi weekly English tabloid, and tasked with the service of desk editor. As a presenter, he anchored a show on “Canal 7 Harmonie” television called “360”, a platform that critically discussed societal issues within and without Cameroon. Before moving to presentation on TV, he worked at “Light world Radio” based in Yaounde.
As a member of the Weh Students’ Association (WESA), Beng Humphrey was given the opportunity to serve as Secretary General, and Vice president at the home branch level. Humphrey continued his contribution to community development when he started his higher education studies and was made to serve as the president of Yaounde chapter of the WESA,
which is the first association to have ever come in to existence in Menchum Division. By appointment, Humphrey became a member of the national executive bureau of the association, as the vice national president. The selflessness of the passionate reporter and and young editor impressed the President of the Northwest Youths and Students Cultural Association (NOWEYSCA), who served him an appointment to be the association’s Director of Communication and Public Relations, a position he occupied when he was member of the Accredited Students of the English Department, (ASED), University of Yaounde 1. The young communicator is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the online news platform, Hummy News
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